Daf Yomi

Rabbi Yaakov Fisch

Weekdays-6:00am Shabbos-8:15am

Sundays and Legal Holidays-7:15am

Join us each morning before services in the Mirkis Chapel   Halacha Yomi Rabbi Schochet will teach a brief halacha following minyan every morning. We are studying the laws of Chanukah. Mishna Yomi Rabbi Rabinowitz teaches a brief mishna and maariv every evening. We are studying Tractate Maasros.

Pirkei Avos Class

Rabbi Yaakov Fisch 
Shabbos afternoon

Please join Rabbi Fisch every Shabbos afternoon before mincha for a class that is intellectually stimulating and inspirational.  In the winter months, the class studies one of the chapter of Kings (Melachim).  In the summer months, the class studies Pirkei Avos and applies the ethics of Judaism into practical applications.

Unlocking the Closed Book 

Shabbos April 22 at 10:00am with Rabbi Feigenbaum 

This is a bi-weekly class on the power of prayer. Beginning with Adon Olam and working our way through the morning  service, this class aims to make prayer more personal and meaningful as a part of our daily lives.

Talmud Class

Talmud Class April 25

with Rabbi Rabinowitz at 8:15pm

Learn the Talmud as you never have before! The class will slowly and methodically study the fourth chapter of Tractate Brachosand delve into its many intricacies. Learn the halachos of  davening from the source tself - the Mishna and Talmud, and understand how Rambam and Shulchan Aruch came to codify these halachos as precisely as they did.

Java For The Soul

Wednesday, April 26 at 8:45am
Rabbi Avi Feigenbaum

Please join us every Wednesday morning for a cup of Java for your body and soul. Our weekly class on The Ethics of our Father you will discover how these messages are relevant. This is an informal class that offers a unique blend of inspirational insight and practical tools for our daily lives.

Thursday Night Mishmar

Thursday Night Mishmar 
April 27 at 8:00pm with Rabbi Hauptman

Thursday Night Mishmar program takes place on a monthly basis on the Thursday prior to Shabbos Mevorchim. The participants will be engaged in a Halachic discussion that have practical application, all the while enjoying a variety of delicious meals to include hot cholent, wings, chili and of course cold beer!
Sponsored by Steven & Deborah Shapiro

New Mini Series-4,000 Years of Jewish History in 4 Weeks

New Mini Series- 4,000 Years of Jewish History in 4 Weeks
Begins Monday, May 1 at 6:50pm
with Rabbi Feigenbaum

Join us a as we go back in time through Jewish History. Starting with Abraham, and continuing until our present day, this course will provide you with a glimpse of what has made us into who we are today. Each week we will delve into some of them highlights that forged the Jewish People; the trials and tribulations, and ultimately the triumphs that we have endured. We will cover topics such as the creation and existence of the State of Israel, the Prophets and the Kings, the First and Second Temples and their destruction, the formulation of the Talmud and the beginning of the long Exile, the creation of and differences between Sephardic and Ashkenazic Jews, and the Chassidic and Kabbalistic movements. Whether you are just a history buff, or just a beginner, this course will leave you not only knowledgeable, but inspired at the perseverance of the Jewish Nation.

Nosh & Drash 

May 4 at 8:00pm with Rabbi Fisch 

The Torah portion is read every week in synagogues. Yet for many of us there is a major disconnect between the words from this ancient text and our lives. Please join us on Thursday evening for an informal discussion and see the weekly parsha come alive like never before. Hot potato kugel from Sweeta by Ita will be served.

Fri, 28 April 2017 2 Iyyar 5777